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Weight Training: Fall 2003

If you are interested in lifting weights to prepare yourself for the SCM Championships in December, Kevin has developed a weight training program based on the successful FINS weight program. The program is divided into 4 phases. The first phase is a 4 week long easy phase of weight lifting that allows the athlete to gain good technique and learn his or her capabilities. This initial phase should not be shortened. The second and third phases should be approximately equal in duration and may be shortened from the suggested 4 week durations if you start your weight training later than the prescribed start date of August 23rd. The fourth phase is the 3 week taper period of rest prior to the championships. Do not ever lift weights within three weeks of a championship swim meet!

You will be most successful if you lift 2 or 3 times a week but once a week is also good. In order to track your progress, please either download the following excel spreadsheet or print the web page below. As you progress with your workout, in each box fill in the repetitions and the amount of weight you lifted.

http://www.swimnem.org/home http://www.usms.org/

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