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Hour Swim 2002

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Two New Pool Records this year!

Peter Neilley takes home this year's One Hour Steady Penguin Award! His very low standard deviation of 0.5373 lowers Jodi's old pool record by more than 0.2 points. Congradulations Peter!

Congradulations also goes to Chris French who bettered his old pool record. The new men's record is now 4850 yards.

Tracy Grilli continues to hold onto the women's record at 4640 yards.

Special recognition this year goes to Chris Landry who finally hit his long time goal of 4000 yards in and hour. Great job Chris!

2002 Hour Swim Results

Wednesday 1/16/02 Swimmer Timer
Referee   Mike Hirst
Lane 1a    
Lane 1b Karla Black 4190, 2.4480 Jennifer Rockwell
Lane 2a John Dionne 3635, 1.6774 Evelyn Hausberger
Lane 2b Chris Landry 4000, 0.9040 Pam Magnant
Lane 3a Erin Costello 3615, 4.6974 Dawn Theberge
Lane 3b Artie Ovalle 2530, 3.4189 Kathy Vitale
Monday 1/21/02 Swimmer Timer
Referee   Mike Hirst
Lane 1a    
Lane 1b Kathy Vitale 3370, 1.0475 Paul Harter
Lane 2a Dawn Theberge 3350, 1.4695 Erin Costello
Lane 2b Evelyn Hausberger 3490, 6.4151 Jason & Chase
Lane 3a    
Lane 3b    
Monday 1/28/02 Swimmer Timer
Referee   Mike Hirst
Lane 1a    
Lane 1b Chris French 4850, 1.0816 Evelyn Hausberger
Lane 2a Jim Duffy Jason Baker
Lane 2b Paul Harter 3820, 2.0099 Kathy Vitale
Lane 3a Josh Foster 4510, 0.8560 Pam Magnant
Lane 3b Bob Black 3675, 2.5325 Eileen Fournier
Tuesday 1/29/02 Swimmer Timer
Referee   Chris Landry
Lane 1a    
Lane 1b Henry Baker 4725, 0.9949 Bob Black
Lane 2a Mike Hirst 4670, 0.7875 John Dionne
Lane 2b Jason Baker 4335, 1.0571 Josh Foster
Lane 3a Eileen Fournier 3135, 2.2370 Chris French
Lane 3b Pam Magnant 3130, 2.2410 Jim Duffy
Wednesday 1/30/02 Swimmer Timer
Referee   Mike Hirst
Lane 1a    
Lane 1b Peter Neilley 4500, 0.5373 Chris French
Lane 2a    
Lane 2b    
Lane 3a    
Lane 3b    

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